Workshops and retreats

We offer day-long workshops on each of four themes: sustainability at the edge; breaking; resilience; and regeneration. In time we intend to combine these into weekend retreats.

People who participated in our inaugural workshop (Matariki, 2018) told us they enjoyed:

  • "Connectivity & lots of love in the room"
  • "Creativity, opportunity for creativity, and time and space thinking, reflecting and writing"
  • "The concept of edges ... a tool to work with for personal change"
  • "He tangata, he tangata, he tangata" -- "Everyone who came, shared, and participated."

Our workshops will resume in November when we finish some other work responsibilities.

Creative dialogues

Help us widen the circle of our dialogue about place-based sustainable living.

The Mandala Initiative is still in its early days, but we envision it somehow leading to writing, visual art, and other forms of creative self-expression that shares the human response to the socio-ecological challenges of our time. We are looking at ways to publish this shared conversation. Check back in early 2019 for updates.