Workshops and retreats

We offer day-long workshops on each of four themes: sustainability at the edge; breaking; resilience; and regeneration. In time we intend to combine these into weekend retreats.

People who participated in our inaugural workshop (Matariki, 2018) told us they enjoyed:

  • "Connectivity & lots of love in the room"
  • "Creativity, opportunity for creativity, and time and space thinking, reflecting and writing"
  • "The concept of edges ... a tool to work with for personal change"
  • "He tangata, he tangata, he tangata" -- "Everyone who came, shared, and participated."

Our next workshop, "Breaking Open," will be held on on 1 June 2019 in Ashhurst. Our workshop "Resilience" is scheduled for 7 September in Pohangina. Both of these workshops are subsidised and offered through RECAP. Stay tuned for more opportunities.

Creative dialogues

Help us widen the circle of our dialogue about place-based sustainable living.

The Mandala Initiative is still in its early days, but we envision it somehow leading to writing, visual art, and other forms of creative self-expression that shares the human response to the socio-ecological challenges of our time. We are looking at ways to publish this shared conversation. Check back in early 2019 for updates.